Since the colonial age, the West has evangelized a version of religion, democracy, capitalism, free-trade, and globalism that was designed to keep them in control of African resources.

A New Africa is emerging from that prolonged era of unkept promises, at a time when the rapid advancement of technologies have put Africans in a position to leapfrog over traditional limitations, threats, and competition.

AI, in particular, is a rapidly growing field of technology with potentially significant implications for a New Africa. Branches of this technology can now facilitate autonomous government operations, better policy statements and legislation, and increase the speed and scale of law enforcement, peacekeeping or military action, when necessary.

Right now, there is no reason why Africa (or Africans), as a continent, or as one united nation, should not lead the world into the next era of technology and prosperity.

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The only thing left in the way of New Africa leading the world, is Old Africa.